G/L Ledger

To access the GL Ledger, navigate to GL from the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable or Inventory module menus.

The GL Register will be displayed.  Click on the Ledger button at the upper right of the page.


The General Ledger Entries page will be displayed.  This page will present a list of all transactions that have been posted to the General Ledger.

Functions available are:

  • Sort on any of the columns.
  • Use the filter options to refine the list of information presented in the grid area.
  • Users with the appropriate permissions may add a new general journal entry.
  • Clicking on the hyperlink of an entry in the Entry column will display all the debits and credits that comprise the entry made to the general ledger.

Clicking on the hyperlink in the Account column will open that GL Account to display all the entries made to that particular account.

At the upper right of the page are four function buttons, each of which is described below.

History Button

Clicking on the History button will display information regarding who saved the entry and when.  This is basically an audit trail for the entry.

If the entry was created by saving a General Journal Entry, and a user edited the record, additional rows will be listed in the grid as a part of the audit trail.

Accounts Button

Clicking on the Accounts button will display the GL Register page.

Delete Button

This button is only available for entries created by saving a General Journal Entry.

Edit Button

This button is only available for entries created by saving a General Journal Entry.  When clicking this button, users are able to make changes to the Entry Date, Entry Number, and the Memo field.

If an incorrect GL Account was selected on the original entry, or if you need to split an expense between multiple categories, add a new entry row, and then modify or delete the incorrect entry row.

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