Charge First RMR Cycle - Proposals

When you add RMR to a proposal and specify Charge First Cycle on the RMR, Managely includes the charges associated with that RMR on the proposal, represented by an item.

This also changes the date associated with the RMR’s cycle start date, moving it one cycle forward, as though an invoice had been generated for the RMR.

For example: Proposal 1 has an RMR associated with it that is flagged to be Charge First Cycle. It is a monthly RMR for $30, with a recurring item of Monitoring associated with it. It is set to start on 2/1. When specifying that the RMR should be Charge First Cycle on the proposal, Managely adds the Monitoring item to the proposal for $30 and updates the RMR’s cycle start date to be 3/1.

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