Business Management Hosting Security and Redundancy

Bold Group currently uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting our Business Management products such as SedonaOffice, AlarmBiller, and Managely. By leveraging AWS hosting services, your company gains a robust, flexible, and secure cloud infrastructure.

AWS and Bold Group prioritize security, providing a comprehensive set of tools and features to protect your data and applications. This includes encryption, identity and access management, and compliance with various industry standards. Below are some of the security and redundancy features in place for our current offerings. 


  1. 24/7/365 Staffed Network Operations Center for continuous monitoring
  2. CrowdStrike antivirus
  3. CloudFlare Domain and Web Application Security
  4. Duo 2-factor authentication
  5. Sumo Logic log monitoring and notifications
  6. Tenable vulnerability management
  7. Password policies (minimum of 16 alpha-numeric, resets every 90 days)
  8. Lockout policies (6 bad attempts locks credentials, 12 bad attempts locks source IP)
  9. Whitelisting only known allowed IP addresses         
  10. Triple backup storage protocols (online failover, near-line backup, off-site cold storage)
  11. MS360 offsite backup storage (AWS S3 as backend)
  12. Ongoing  security audits with internal and  parent companies' security teams
  13. Eliminated all default Windows credentials
  14. All 3rd party vendor access requires written authorization
  15. 2FA VPN only access for external administrative users


  1. All VMs hosted in AWS EC2 with regular image backups for quick recovery.
  2. Dual AD setup (primary, secondary) with the ability to spin up a backup in EC2 from image.
  3. AWS EC2 allows for additional resiliency via copying images and/or disk snapshots across regions/availability zones.

Upgrades and Procedures in Flight

  1. SOX compliance across all Bold Group infrastructure
  2. FSU systems migrated to AWS EC2
  3. End to End data encryption, at rest and in motion.
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