Add a Proposal using a Sales Package

A new proposal can be created from a customer record or from the proposals list. This article addresses creating a proposal using a sales package.

Note: To be able to create a proposal for a sales lead, you must first create a customer, site, and system record, and set the Customer Status to Prospect. If the sales lead accepts the proposal, you can change the customer status to active.

To add a new proposal, first open the customer record.

Once the customer record is open, click on the Proposals tab.

From the Proposals tab, click the Add New Proposal button.

The Proposal form is displayed. In the upper area of the form, make your selections in each data entry field. Required fields have a red bullet to the left of the field name. Each data entry field is described below.

Data Entry Fields

  • *Status — Make a selection from the drop-down list. This identifies where the proposal is in your sales process.
  • *Proposal Type — Make a selection from the drop-down list.
  • PO Number — If your customer provides a purchase order number for billing the installation of the system, enter that value. Maximum of 50 characters.
  • *Proposal Date — This defaults to today's date and can be changed if needed.
  • Contact — Enter the person who is the primary contact for the proposal.
  • Phone — Enter a phone number for the contact.
  • Email — Enter an email address for the contact. If you will be emailing the proposal (delivery method), this is a required field.
  • Follow Up — Enter a date to
  • Est Closing
  • *Est Closing %
  • Source
  • *Site
  • System
  • *System Type
  • Sales Package
  • *Sales Tax
  • *Term
  • *Service Level
  • *Salesperson
  • *Delivery Method
  • Brief Description

Data entry fields preceded with an asterisk are required.

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